Hello again!

Since I have decided to write quite a lot about being happy and have made it my little pet project, here comes another blog!

I have often wondered over how many of us feel like we could go back to our childhood and re-live all those days again – almost every person wishes to. Childhood and it’s innocence enchants all. Ever wondered why?

Even if people might judge you sometimes, I say that we should all keep that happy child alive within us. Here’s why;

  • Because it is during our childhood that we listened to our hearts. Every action was made by being true to our heart’s desires. Although it is true that we as adults cannot sometimes do everything that we want to, we can still take out some time out of our busy schedules to do something that we all love!
  • As children we were never introduced to the process of over thinking! As we grow older, we tend to fret over small stuff a lot and waste a lot of our time and energy over it.
  • Children look at the world with awe and wonder and never let any bad experiences stop them from looking at the world as something magical, always ready to provide them with all that they desire, whenever they ask for it!

So what, as we grow, makes us stop doing all these things? Amidst all our daily problems and responsibilities, we forget to appreciate little moments of joy, which we did as children. My sole purpose to delve into our childhood is to make you all realise the pure joy and happiness we have all experienced as children.

Wish to bring that childlike awe to your life? There is no perfect way to do so but the ideas listed below can work just as well to bring some moments of childhood happiness back to your life..

  • Listen to your heart as it knows your calling!
  • Accept that life is not perfect and the most you can do is give your best to your job at hand. Stop over thinking and fussing over trivial matters as it leads to nothing but a feeling of unease.
  • Find time, at least a half hour, to do something that you love daily. You will find yourself in a better and happier mental state.
  • Irrespective of whatever happens in your life, never lose hope. Never forget to look at life through rose-tinted glasses! Believe that the world is magical and it will be a magical one for you!
  • Talk to children. Simply being with them can uplift your mood like nothing else can.
  • Go through your lovely childhood photos and memories and re-live them.

Life is a gift which is meant to be enjoyed. It’s happy moments are the ones that one tends to remember and reminisce about the most! Do something that makes your heart dance today which your future self will thank you for and remember to keep that child inside you, alive and happy! 😊



  1. Beautiful post! I’ve written something similar too. Give it a read and let me know what you think 🙂
    Going to follow you because I quite like your writing style 🙂

    • Hey Dewni! 🙂 Thanks a lot! Greatly appreciate your feedback! Good to know that you liked going through my article! 🙂 Will definitely go through your blog post!

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