Hello to all the readers out there!

The inspiration for the topic I have decided to write on came from today’s, The Daily Post’s, prompts challenge! I love to challenge myself when it comes to writing which is why I decided to utilize the prompt!

So I thought over how this word could be used to make it suit the theme I write on! Which is what compelled me to write further right away..

So coming straight out to the topic – Can you control your happiness? Can an abstract emotion such as happiness be confined to the finite cage of control?

Being happy and choosing to be happy are personal choices. Happiness is to be set free and with freedom comes more happiness! There can be no control over expressing it and sharing it with your loved ones! Happiness after all, multiplies by sharing it with others!

The only time you should let the word control get into something as personal as happiness is when you tend to let this valuable emotion be controlled by others or exterior circumstances. If you choose joy, you will feel it, irrespective of any negative emotions around you. Every person, himself or herself alone, can control the uplifting feeling of their happiness! Choose to appreciate life’s little pleasures and be grateful for all the little miracles in your life and I am sure that life will reward you with many more such miracles!

Through this blog post, I wish to urge everyone to go ahead and take control of the reins of their happiness and joy into their own hands! Get out there and start doing all the things that you are passionate about now!

Lots of love and happiness to you. Love, Pooja.


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